Covid-19 Notice


Dr. Quinn Ear, Nose & Throat has made the decision to reschedule nonessential surgeries, procedures and preventive care appointments, allergy shots and hearing aid appointments effective March 30, 2020.

For allergy patients on allergy shots, the options of stretching out the interval between shots, switching to alternate therapies or getting treatments at home need may be discussed with Dr. Quinn by calling the office nearest you.

 Rescheduling any nonessential appointments will minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus and also allows us to conserve critical resources and focus care on those who need it most.

Call your doctor before visiting any clinic!

Call Dr. Quinn or your primary care doctor before leaving home if you think you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus or have symptoms.

We are offering E-visits

Insurance coverage for our virtual care visits vary based on your plan and benefit structure but during the current state of emergency with Covid-19 (Corona Virus) coverage is being extended to include E-visit.


(704) 782-6673 or (704) 637-3778

Able to give new prescriptions and refill prescriptions?


Quinn Ear, Nose & Throat is committed to keeping our community healthy.