Allergy Testing

Before beginning a course of allergy treatment, we always carry out comprehensive allergy testing to determine exactly what you’re allergic to. We test every patient for thirty-six allergens common to the Piedmont, including dogs, cats, horses, and specific species of mites, molds, weeds, grasses, and trees, although we can test for a near-infinite number of less common species based on specific environments and regions where you spend time.

In most cases, we apply tiny doses of common allergens to patches of skin and measure the resulting inflammation, in a method known as skin endpoint titration. In other cases where we suspect severe allergies, we take a blood sample and conduct a radioallergosorbent test (RAST) which can detect the presence of antibodies to common allergens without running the risk of a major allergic reactions.

Once we have information on your specific allergies, we can work to find the best solutions for managing your symptoms and treating your allergies.