Hearing Aids

As a licensed dealer of Starkey, Oticon, and Rexton hearing aids, we have the wide selection to ensure you find exactly the device you need.

Our commitment to your hearing doesn’t end when you walk out the door with your new hearing aid. We sell batteries of all sizes, which we can ship to your periodically or whenever you call for a new supply—and we order our batteries direct from the manufacturers so they don’t sit in a warehouse for months or years losing their charge before they find their way to your door. We also keep disposable and replaceable parts like battery doors, receivers, RICs, and wax guards in stock so there’s usually no need for you to do without your hearing aid while it’s shipped off to a repair shop. In the few cases where that’s necessary, we provide free loaner aids to keep you hearing well while you wait. And we provide free cleanings and reprogrammings for the life of your hearing aid—even if you didn’t buy it here!